I always was hale and healthy, until January  1998, when by accident, I discovered a lump in my  right breast. I went for a general check up in an endocrinal department, had a mammogram and FNAC and lumps on both the breasts as well as in the armpits were found. It was an advanced stage of cancer. I was admitted into the Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduates Institute of Medical Sciences hospital in Lucknow and operated upon on the 27th of Jan. 1998….only the lumps were removed.


After a month I had to go for 32 sittings of radiation, followed by Breaky therapy once a week on alternate breast..(one sitting  for each breast)

After a gap of one and a half months, I again underwent 12 rounds of chemotherapy (24 sittings), you have no idea what this these radiations therapies do to the body and the mind… I was put on Temoxifin (10 mg)  two tablets a day from Nov  1998 to  Nov. 2003 ( for five years) and went for check ups every three months, which included bone scan, liver scan, mammogram and chest xrays.


Initially, the reports were not too satisfactory and everything looked petty bleak…


Then, I did my first Art of Living Course in February 1999  and began practicing assiduously my Sudarshan Kriya. From that time on, my reports started showing improvement! In 2001, I went to Rishikesh  for Maha Shivratri and did my second Advanced Meditation Course in the presence of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.  I had the good fortune of spending a good half hour with Gurudev. When I mentioned my health problems, he said, ..”Tumhe cancer hai? Samjho nahin hai!” (“You have cancer ? Think you don’t have it’) !


On my way back from Rishikesh, I went to Lucknow for yet another checkup. To my utter amazement, all my reports were NORMAL, and have remained so till date! I am now off all medication. The doctors were surprised at my complete recovery and admitted that only a miracle could have brought about this!


Today, I feel very grateful to Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shanakar, because it is only  because of Him that I  have overcome cancer!





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  1. Arun

    Unbelievable. This must come out on YouTube. Please do post a testimonial video it can do wonders to those who start on this path or those who are stuck due to doubts


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