Himalayan tsunami was waiting to happen -3

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Himalayan Neighbour Bhutan The people of Bhutan rate high in their happiness index in spite of their poverty as measured by the western yardstick. So happiness is something that is more than the comfort that comes from  economic wealth. While in the Paro region of Thimpu, the capital city, most modern facilities are available, the… Read more »

Himalayan tsunami was waiting to happen – 4

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Himalaya: Small Yet Significant Benefactors It has now come to be accepted in the scientific community that one of the key inducers of rainfall, snow is an insignificantly small organism – a  bacteria called “pseudomonas Syringae”. Rain falls when water molecules in the clouds gather around particles of dust that have risen into the atmosphere,… Read more »

Meeting the Master

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It was Aug 2011. I was in Art of Living Bangalore Ashram to do the Advanced Meditation Program with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji. The program was wonderful making me feel so serene & deep like never before. I was floating above the ground happy and fully in love with the Divine. The night… Read more »

Uttarakhand crisis: A salute to humanness

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The Volunteers of Art of Living are playing a small but significant part in making a proud reaffirmation of India’s resilience and humanness in the humanitarian operations in Uttarakhand What’s standing tall amidst the ruins of Uttarakhand is the resilience of India. Battling all odds and the depressive atmosphere, humanness, which is the hallmark of… Read more »

Uttarakhand calling

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Clouds of calamities cannot hide  the sunshine of courage, compassion and commitment that numerous volunteers are showing in Uttarakhand. They inspired me to pen these lines in dedication to our volunteers and Indian Army jawans on ground   They say faith can move mountains And then there are those Whose faith is unshaken Even when mountains collapse… Read more »

Vedic Wisdom, an amazing experience

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Many disciples of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji from Europe and Russia wanted an introduction to ancient Vedic wisdom and practices.To fulfill their desire, the first ever Vedic Wisdom Program was launched in 2012 shortly after Navaratri, at the Art of Living International Ashram, Bangalore. The program started with the basics—the sacred thread or… Read more »

Kumudvathi revival – hope for more water

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With the rains playing hide and seek and most reservoirs in the Cauvery basin going dry, the issue of water scarcity has become more acute than ever. The rivers and tributaries that once flowed through the urban jungle of Bangalore have either almost disappeared or just existing on maps like the Kumudvathi, or for that… Read more »

Foodprint to Footprint

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Water And Food June to September are the months when South and South East Asia get their monsoon rains. The word “monsoon” comes from the Arabic word, “Mawsin”, meaning weather, which is why we have the word “Mausam” in Hindi for weather. Here, the weather turns to rainy season. It is the rain that gives us Pushkaram,… Read more »

Kumudvathi River revival plan

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On 8th June 2013, thousands of citizens enthusiastically joined ‘Walk and talk’ led by Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar inspiring Bangaloreans to come forward and solve the water woes of the city by rejuvenating river Kumudvathi. The Art of Living is leading this peoples’ project to rejuvenate the watershed of the Kumudvathi River, a… Read more »