Zen from Cars

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When did you last get your car serviced ? What is the most important part of a car? You could say the engine. Without engine the car won’t run. Or the wheels – they allow the car to move. Or is it the fuel? Some would say battery-without it car wouldn’t start. Yet if a… Read more »

Sri Sri and the Art of Meditation

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“Service is seeing God in the person next to us,  and meditation is seeing God within us.” Meditation is not concentration; Meditation is deconcentration, Where the mind relaxes into itself ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar  

Art of Living with Life of Pi

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What is life of Pi all about? When I watched the movie, I could co-relate my own life with the movie. In fact, it is the story of everybody’s life. We also go through so many storms throughout our life. What was it which came as the only knowledge to overcome all the obstacles? The… Read more »