Ajmal Kasab: a symptom of deeper malaise

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What is the objective of Mumbai Police? It is surely not to create martyrs. If law and order is the objective, then there is much to be desired in their level of preparedness. It is important to identify the clutter wherever it may be and clear it to pave way for preparedness for action. One… Read more »

Art of Living with one’s own mind

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Usually we think of scientists as people narrowly focused on their specialities. What would a scientist have to do with spirituality? Well, one of the greatest physicists since Einstein, the famous Richard Feynman was fascinated by the workings of the mind and experimented with different meditation techniques. His experience with hypnosis and the power of belief… Read more »

Declutter your life

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Life is simplified when there is one center; one reason, one motivation, one direction and purpose ~Jean Fleming How many of us find ourselves overwhelmed by the hoards of things we have piled in our houses? Most of the things are of little use but still occupy a major space in our houses just because… Read more »