Art of Living Navratri decoded

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Did you count the divine audience? We have heard Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar talk about this! Many a shutterbug have even captured them in their picture frames. Some try to explain it as a scientific phenomenon. Some even call it a “blue-star” syndrome. Some more even take the liberty of ignorance to dismiss it… Read more »

Music, Navratri & Sri Sri

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Music, to put in a gross way, is a group of musical notes of different frequencies or pitch arranged in a particular pattern and rhythm. However, this gross description is incomplete as it is limited only to the subjective aspect of music. In reality, music is a means of finding the Self. The purpose of… Read more »

All are Mother’s forms

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Many years ago, I read this wonderful story in a Chinmaya Mission book. Once, when Vinayaka was very young, he went out to play. Finding no one around, except a cat, he tried to play with her. But the cat seemed in no mood to play. Vinayaka tried to coax her by caressing her and offering… Read more »