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Sant Jnaneshwar, a famous poet saint of Maharashtra was born in the year 1275, in a small village near the Godavari river. His poems were the result of the perfect blending of spirituality and poetry, with bhakti, jnana and yoga. Jnaneshwar’s father’s name was Vithalpant and mother’s name Rukmini. Vithalpant found married life unbearable and… Read more »

Maharshi Valmiki

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“kuujantam raamaraameti madhuram madhuraksharam aaruuhya kavitaasaakham vande Vaalmiiki kokilam” (Let us offer our salutations to the cuckoo Vaalmiki who, sitting on the tree of poetry, sings sweetly the sweet words “Rama, Rama”.) The sages Vaalmiki and Vasishtha are considered to be the sun and moon that brighten the universe. Sage Vaalmiki is an example of… Read more »

Art of Living Tribal schools in Jharkhand

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THE BEGINNING In 1999, Shri Brij Bhushan Chawla was blessed by H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of the Art of Living, to start tribal schools in Jharkhand, one of the most backward states of India. Today, Art of Living is running ten tribal schools in Ghatsila Block and twenty more in the… Read more »