Sudarshan Kriya – Transforming Lives – 1

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“Su means good, Darshan means vision, Kriya means action. Sudarshan Kriya means, by doing which action we get a vision of who we really are”. I was intently listening to the Art of Living teacher before embarking on my first experience of Sudarshan Kriya some sixteen years ago. Who am I? …was a question I… Read more »

How genuine is Sri Sri

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I was born in a family that follows Jainism. Hence the first time I heard of The Art of Living and saw the picture of a saint, I wondered, “How genuine is Sri Sri?” After a few more proddings from my doctor who was strongly recommending the Art of Living Program to me, I enrolled… Read more »

Higgs boson God Particle : End of Quest?

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Science and Spirituality take different routes to understanding the Truth. In its quest to understand the Universe Science has sought to go all the way back to when matter was created at the moment of creation of the universe, namely the Big Bang. Spirituality on the other hand is concerned with the basic question, “Who… Read more »

pArt of Living !

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Someone, in a random conversation about life, recently wrote to me on twitter asking how my activities and sadhana at Art Of Living were going on. I quipped “that’s pArt Of Living. Like BREATHING”. This write-up is a ‘leap’ from now to then. The many in-betweens, you ask? That’s for later. Pre-February 2005 Art Of Living, Sri… Read more »

Art of Living courses around the World

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Click on the links listed below to know about the upcoming Art of Living Courses around the World Art of Living International Centre  Canada Art of Living Canada Art of Living Los Angeles Art of Living San Francisco Bay Area  Art of Living Atlanta Art of Living San Jose Art of Living  Philippines Art of Living UK Art of Living Ireland Art of… Read more »

Upcoming courses announced in India

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Click on the links listed below to know about the upcoming Art of Living Courses in India Art of Living International Centre Bangalore  Art of Living Bangalore Art of Living Pune Art of Living Coimbatore Art of Living Chennai Art of Living Mumbai Art of Living Ahmedabad  Art of Living Trichy Art of Living North… Read more »

Divine Recipe shared by Art of Living Bloggers

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Not everything is revealed to everybody! That’s why we say, Raaz Ki Baat Ko Raaz Hi Rehne De! Of course, a few (like AoL Bloggers) are blessed to have special entitlements to some of the sacred secrets! Hence, this rare nugget of wisdom is being shared only with the readers of this blog. Here we… Read more »

How I Learnt To Live

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Since this is a site for Art of Living bloggers. .. I will write my first ever blog on why did I follow the THE PATH ! This blog is nothing but the story of my life! Just like most of us, I was born and brought up in normal circumstances … I didn’t do… Read more »

Spiritual Dimension to Climate Change problem

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Science and Spirituality are not two separate entities. They are two sides of the same coin says Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar ji (Can be followed on SSIOC – Simple Solutions for Inner and Outer Climate Change is a yeomen project that has been initiated by Sri Sri Institute of Agricultural Sciences and Technology Trust… Read more »