1956 – A Vision and a Birth

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This creation is a mystery. The known is very little in comparison to vast realms of the unknown. Sometimes events can be dismissed as mere coincidences. At times, seemingly coincidental events can reveal a great mystery. Consider the following two seemingly unrelated phenomena and join them up in a logical sequence; you get a hard-to-dismiss… Read more »


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People have this idea that being a Guru is a serious business. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Presenting a hilarious sharing about Gurudev by Dvorah Adler:   Sri Sri Ravi Shankar lets a group of us waiting outside into his room. It’s late at night and I’m stoked because I don’t have far to go because my… Read more »


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I’m sitting in Guruji’s room on a padded bench directly to the side of him; approximately 3 feet away. Next to me is a middle aged Chinese couple. They sit quietly then catch Guruji’s attention and begin to tell their story. The man was a policeman for 30 years, his wife a loyal companion and… Read more »