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What is the purpose of this Life?
Whom to ask?
Where is the answer?
Who can help?

Art of Living blog- Purpose of life

I asked Friends, Well Wishers, and soothsayers
I searched in myself,

Some said the purpose is to get enlightened!
Some said it is to get rid of sins and become pure.
Some said it is to do your duties
Some said it is to take care of my near and dear ones.
Some said it is to acquire knowledge
Some said there is no purpose
Some said it is to achieve something in this world.
Some said God only knows

Art of Living Blog- Astrologer

My astrologer told me,
“When you do for yourself success shall elude you
but when you do for others it will stretch out multifold.”

These words made no mark on me
I continued to seek the Purpose of My Life

Once I reached my Guru
and dropped all that is not my purpose of life
My desires settled and contentment dawned
and it came as a brilliant flash
that I have come to this planet to Give
To be available for others, every moment

Art of living blog - serve all

Only the rich can give, Beggars cannot
And richness means absence of lack or want

We have been given so that we may give
Let a good cook fill a few hungry stomachs
Let a good singer fill a few hearts and minds
Let a good teacher light a few lives with knowledge
Let a good architect build a few homes for the needy
Let a good Doctor give a few their health back.

 In this is my purpose fulfilled
And true richness dawns
There will be hundreds and thousands feeding me
to the contentment of body, mind and soul…
There will be songs of Love
Inside and around me

There will be a million prayers
from the deepest of the hearts for my well being.
Knowing this is faith
Doing this is Seva

If you found your purpose, start now
If you have not found, start anyway
You will find it by doing
I have started

And You ?

Prakash Athrayil is disciple of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji and a teacher of the Art of Living.



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