Transformation on the path of liberation


Long time ago, there was a magician in Tibet. He was so powerful that with a small guest urge of his hands, he could topple the mountains, huge trees , cause heavy rains and floods. He would set fire to the paddy fields and destroy the live stock.



The villagers were terrified of this magician. They would cut him out of fear. He was intoxicated with the power he could wield on the poor hapless villagers. One day he decided to get married. He got married and started a family. Once while crossing a river, his whole family drowned in the river. His eyes opened after that incident. He realized that the extent of the distraction he had caused devastated him. The death of his family opened his eyes. He was depressed and desolate. He could not set his mind on anything. He was overcome with remorse. But he was not able to control his emotional outbursts at his will. By the sheer force of habit, he would indulge in his heinous activities.

He fell at the feet of a saint and sought his help. The Saint consoled him and said” to realize one’s own mistake is a big step on the path to liberation. The main reason for the sorrow in this world is self centeredness. In reality, there is nothing like “I” . The thing that makes “I” work is the consciousness. This consciousness is present in everything and everywhere in the universe . The primary thing that is present in everyone is the consciousness. There is nothing other than that. Hence consider everyone as your own self since the same consciousness is present in everybody. Find your happiness in the happiness of others. There is a lot of potentials in the actions that you do. Be a pillar of support to the needy and helpless. Serve those who are in misery. Pluck the violence like a thorn and discard it sow the seabed of happiness and peace.

These words struck a chord in his mind. He understood that mere liberation from the action will not help. But only liberation from the mind will help.

People thronged to meet him , fell at his feet to take his blessings, not out of fear, but out of veneration.

This is a beautiful story. The hero of the story is “Milarepa” the sad guru of Tibet. He lived in a cave on the way to “Kailas Parvath” . He was a man of immense power. He would fly to the top of the Kailas Parvath at sunrise and come back at sunset. One day he left in the morning and did not come back in the evening. Even now The Tibetans believe that his spirit still lives there



As our beloved Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says””When you are deeply pained by something, the pain will rid you of that habit. If you are pained by your shortcomings, then you are a Sadhak – a seeker. Pain takes you out of addiction. If by your skill you could move your desires deeper within you towards the center of your existence, another dimension of everlasting pleasure , thrill, bliss and undying love will be yours. Lust, greed ,power and jealousy are powerful because they are nothing but energy and you are the source of it. – the pure electricity. With dedication and devotion maintain the purity of your electricity, moving you upward”


Jai Gurudev

Geeta Murthy

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