Trimukha Ganapati, Sinha Ganapati & Yoga Ganapati

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Lord Ganesha is one of the most worshiped deities by Hindus and they believe that he has taken 32 forms to save the devotees from the different issues that may arise in every stages of life. You can find Ganesha in almost all Hindu temples around the world and he is bestowing his devotees with blessings.

With the last couple of days remaining till we finally see off our Ganesha, let us understand the 28th, 29th and the 30th form Lord Ganesha. These forms are the Trimukha Ganapati, the Sinha Ganapati and the Yoga Ganapati.

Trimukha Ganapati




‘Trimukha’ means three-faced. Trimukha Ganapati is the tree-faced form of the Lord, red in colour, seen sitting on the golden lotus. He has 6 arms and is found holding prayer beads, clasp a goad, noose and a pot of nectar. His right hand is in Abhaya mudra and left hand is in Varada mudra. He represents the Dhanishta Nakshatra.

The Trimukha Ganapati Shloka is :  

सृमत तीश्ना सिरवनगुसा अक्शा वरधान दक्षेदधना कराई.

पांचामृता पूर्णा कुम्भं अभायं वामे दाधानोमुधा,

पीटा स्वर्णामयरविनधहा विलासत सत्कर्णिका भासुरे,

आआसीन स्ट्रमुखा पालासा रुचिरो नागानाना पतुना.


Srimath theeshna siravangusa aksha varadhan dakshedadhana karai.
Panchamrutha poorna kumbham abhayam vaame dadhanomudhaa,
Peeta swarnamayaravindha vilasath sathkarnikaa bhasure,
AAseena strimukha palaasa ruchiro nagaanaana pathunaa.




Let me be protected by three faced Ganesa with elephant face shining like the flame of the forest,
Who holds on his right hand, a very sharp shining hook , a rosary and the signing of blessing,
Who holds in a right hand a full pot of nectar and sign of protection,
And who sits on a golden throne with lotus inlaid wearing a shining ear ring.


Sinha Ganapati



The 29th form of Ganesha is the Sinha Ganapati or the Simha Ganapati. He is associated with the Shatabhisha Nakshatra. He is white in color, rides a lion and displays another lion in one hand. He has 8 hands. He holds a kalpavriksha sprig, the Veena, a lotus blossom, flower bouquet and a pot of jewels in his hands. This form symbolizes great courage and strength.


The Mantra to invoke Sinha Ganapati is:


वीनाम कल्पा लताम अरंचा वारडम दक्षे विदते कराई,

वामे तमरसंचा रत्ना कालसम सन्मन्जरी चभायं,

शुंदा डंडा लसत मृगेन्द्रा वादना सांखेन्दु गिवारा शुभा,

धीव्यत रत्ना निभंसूको गणपति पायडापायत सनहा.


Veenaam kalpa lathaam arincha varadam dakshe vidathe karai,
Vame thamarasamcha rathna kalasam sanmanjari chabhayam,
Shunda danda lasath mrugendra vadana sankhendu giwara shubha,
Dheevyath rathna nibhamsuko Ganapathi payadapayath sanaha.




Let me protected from all dangers, by the Ganapathi who shines like gems,
Who holds on his right hand veena, wish giving creeper and protection to even enemies,
Who holds on his left hand a pot of gems , a bouquet of flowers and sign of protection,
Who shines like a white conch and a moon and is lion faced along with elephant trunk.

Yoga Ganapati




Yoga Ganapati is the 30th form of Lord Ganesha.  He is seen sitting in a meditative posture absorbed in ‘Mantra Japa’. He holds a yoga staff, sugar cane stalk, a noose and prayer beads in his hands. His color is like the morning sun. Blue garments adorn His form. He is the ruler of the Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra.


The Yoga Ganapati mantra is:


योगरूदो योगा पट्टाभी रामो बालर्कभासचेंसरा नीलमसु कड़ाया,

पासीस्वाक्शाँ योगा दंडम दाधानोपाया नित्यम योगा विज्ञेस्वारोना.


Yogaroodo yoga pattabhi ramo balarkabhaschensra neelamsu kadaya,
Paseeswakshaan yoga dandam dadhanopaya nithyam yoga vigneswarona.




My salutations to Yoga Ganesa , who sits on a yogic pose, crowned as master of yoga,
Who shines like sun , wears blue cloths and holds rope , rosary and Yoga staff.

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