Three villages shimmer in the gloom of Assam Riots


The recent spate of large-scale riots in Assam, according to conservative estimates, has claimed 58 lives and rendered 400,000 people homeless in various districts of the north eastern state. We, as members of the Art of Living Family, and believers in the principle of One World Family, extend our sincere sympathies to the families and loved ones of the victims.

Relief work is the need of the hour after the violence

The primary aim of Art of Living volunteers right now is to provide help and assistance to the displaced people from 400 villages who are staying in relief camps in Assam. The 124 teachers of the Art of Living in Assam along with thousands of volunteers have jumped into relief and rehabilitation work for the lakhs of people taking shelter in 270 refugee camps.

Amid all this bloody carnage, a gleam of hope is emerging from three villages which have become islands of peace in riot-hit Assam. Two of these villages Borlao and Borpara, where Art of Living has been carrying out its community development programs, saw absolutely no incidence of violence. The folks in these villages took the initiative to guard their villages themselves. They did not allow any outside person to enter the village. The three villages are from Chirang and Kokrajhard – the worst riot affected districts. Considering that the village inhabitants are a mix of Bodos, Muslims, Asamese and Bengalis this is an exceptional display of solidarity against forces of division. 164 children from these villages receive free education in the Art of Living tribal schools in Chirang and Kokrajhar.

Tribal schools of The Art of Living in Chirang and Kokrajhar
164 children receive free education in Art of Living Tribal Schools of  Chirang and  Kokrajhar

The surrounding villages, where Art of Living has not yet started its work, succumbed to the fury of violence unleashed by escalating ethnic tensions between indigenous Bodo community and migrant  Muslims  from Bangladesh.

It has been proven repeatedly that spiritual education is the only long-lasting basis for a sustainable, peaceful and responsible living at individual and community level.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji, founder of the Art of Living has appealed to all in Assam not to retaliate irrespective of your community and ethnic background. He said, “There are good people in every community. Art of Living will do the work of applying balm to the hearts and minds of traumatized riot victims.”

As fellow human beings and citizens of India it is our duty to reach out to the people of Assam and do our best to bring normalcy in the lives of displaced people. We hope the government takes speedy and definite steps to resolve the fundamental issues that led to the riots before they snowball to uncontrollable dimensions.

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  1. Beautiful, this is really inspiring… of course there is much more work to be done, but examples like this give us that ray of hope that it IS possible, and that we can work for a peaceful and harmonious society, and world…

    Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Indeed it is good that the Art of Living has taken initiative and the teachers and volunteers have definitely done a remarkable sewa to restore peace in 2 villages. Once the army clearance is received i am sure with the Art of Living’s spiritual army there will be peace in the entire affected region. Lets give a big hand to the Art of Living spiritual army of Assam and may they be a part of Gurudev’s vision 🙂

  3. I hope from two islands of peace Art of Living extends this peace to entire Assam and the entire Planet . The techniques and sincerity of Art of Living volunteers have been acclaimed for bringing much needed healing and peace building in conflict zones such as Sri Lanka, Kosovo, Kashmir etc.

  4. I firmly believe in Gurudev’s vision towards bringing peace in every part of the violated area.
    Spiritual education is the one n only way to overcome this sort of problem.
    Such a nice blog it is to inspire all of us.Proud to be part of our ONE WORL FAMILY.
    ||JAI GURU DEV||

  5. This is the magic of spirituality and the good intention of Sri Sri and his volunteers. Congratulations, Art Of Living. It’s good to see you put sincere effort where your mouth is as well!

  6. Its heartening to know that the two villages touched by the magic wand of spirituality have withstood the onslaught of violence congratulations AOL .you are the beacon of Hope in these turbulent times

  7. Sir, Kindly enlighten us about your logic as how illegal Bangladeshi immigrants did not attack the villages where Bodos / Hindus were members of Art of living. I am sure no Illegal Bangladeshi muslim was anyway connected to AOL. My point is if Hindus attend AOL courses how come muslims become enlightned?

  8. Commendable work by Art of Living. Should work in more villages. Govt should take AOLs help to spread peace and harmony in the region.

  9. What an inspiring story amongst all the miseries in Assam.
    Lets of of us work together to bring forth Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam society.
    Many thanks for this post

  10. Such stories make us realize the relevance of spirituality in our lives.Its only people with knowledge who will act responsibly. i think its high time we realize our responsibilities and act.

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