Urdhva Ganapati, Ekakshara Ganapati and Vara Ganapati


It’s Day 6 of Ganesh Utsav and it’s time to understand three more more of Ganesha. The Urdhava Ganapati, Ekakshara Ganapati and Vara Ganapati are the 16th, 17th and the 18th form of the 32 forms of Ganesha. Let us understand what they signify and the shlokas to invoke each of these.

Urdhava Ganapati:

Seated with one of his shaktis on his left knee, Urdhva Ganapati is “the Elevated form” of Ganesha. He is the Lord with a golden hue. In his six hands he holds a sprig of paddy, a lotus, the sugar cane bow, an arrow, his ivory tusk and a blue water lily. Purva Phalguni nakshatra is related to Urdhva Ganapati. He gives refuge to devotees who have lost sense of direction and elevates their spirit.

The Shloka to invoke Urdhava Ganapati is:

कल्हारशालि कमलेक्षुकचापबाण दंतप्ररोहकगदी कनकोज्वलांगः।
आलिंगनोद्यतकरो हरितांगयष्ट्या देव्या दिशत्वभयं ऊर्ध्वगणेश्वरो मे

Kalhari shali kamalekshuka chapa bana Dantha prorahaka gadhi kanakojjawalanga ,
Aalinganodhyatha karo harithanga yashtya devya disathw abhayam oordhwa ganathipo may.


Let me be given protection by the upright Ganapathi , who embraces his Shakthi who sits on his left thigh.
Who is of golden colour , who holds a blue lily, lotus flower , sugarcane , bow and arrows , a sprig of paddy and the club.

Ekakshara Ganapati:

Ekakshara Ganapathi is the 17th of the 32 forms of Lord Ganesha. He is the Lord of the ‘Single Syllable – Gam.” He is three-eyed and wears red attire while carrying a red hue. He holds the crescent moon in his crown and sits in the lotus pose upon his vehicle; the mooshika (mouse). With one hand he grants boons and the others hold pomegranate, elephant goad and noose. He is the ruler of the Uttara phalguni nakshatra.

The Ekakshara Ganapati Mantra is:

रक्तो रक्ताङ्गरागाम शुका, कुसुमायुतः ठुंडहिला चंद्रमौलि,
नेथ्राइर युक्तः स्थरीभी वामन करा चरणों भीजा पूरम दधाना,
हस्ताग्रा कलुपता पसांगूसा शारदा वरदो नागा वक्तरोहि भूशो,
देवा पद्मासनस्थो भवतु सूखा करो भूतये विघ्न राजा.

Raktho rakthangaragaam Shuka, kusumayutha thundhila chandra mouli,
Nethrair yuktha sthribhi Vamana kara charano bheeja pooram dadhaana,
Hasthaagra kluptha pasangusa sharada varadho naga vakthrohi bhoosho,
Deva padmasanastho bhavathu Sukha karo bhoothaye vighna raja.


Let us be granted pleasant life by the king of obstacles, who is red and wears red cloths,
Who holds a parrot and lotus and wears the crescent on his crown,
Who has three eyes, who holds pomegranate on his left hand,
Who holds the rope and the goad in his hands, decorates himself with a snake and grants clear boons.

Vara / Varada Ganapati:

The 18th form of Ganesha is the Vara Ganapati. He is the ruler of the Hasta Nakshatra. He is known to be the ‘Boon-granting Ganesha’. He has a prominent third eye of wisdom. He is seen holding a dish of honey, the noose and goad and encloses a pot of jewels in his trunk. Devi Shakti is seen at his side whilst a crescent moon adorns his crown.

The Varada Ganapati chant is as below:

सिंधुरभामिभानं त्रिनयनं, च पसमगुसो,
भिब्रनं मधु मैथ कपलम ानिसम सदविन्दु मौलिम भजे,
पृष्ठया असलिष्ट थानुम ध्वजागरा कराया पद्मोल्लासाद्धास्थाया,
ठाढ़ोणएहिठा पानी मठवा वसुमत पथरोलासाद पुष्करम.

Sindhoorabhamibhanam trinayanam, cha pasamguso,
Bhibranaam Madhu math kapalam anisam sadvindu moulim bhaje,
Prushtayaa aslishta thanum dwajagra karayaa padmollasaddhasthayaa,
Thadhonyahitha pani mathava vasumath pathrolasad pushkaram.


I pray Lord Ganesa who is of lustrous colour of saffron, who has three eyes. Who has noose and goad,
Who always carries honey in a skull and has crescent on his crown and
Who sits embracing his wife carrying lotus and a flag,
With his fourth hand caressing her thighs , And his trunk carrying a pot of jewels.

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