Veera Ganapati, Shakti Ganapati and Dvija Ganapati


As we complete the second day of the eleven day long Ganesh Utsav, let us understand three more forms of the 32 forms of Lord Ganesha.

Veera/Vira Ganapati:

Veera Ganapati  is 4th of Lord Ganesha’s 32 forms. In this form he is depicted as a valiant warrior in a proud and commanding pose. Veera Ganapati represents the Fire element. He is depicted with 16 arms, each holding weapons like bow, arrow, wheel, sword, trident, victory flag, club, serpent, noose, goad, mace, hammer, shield, spear, battle axe, and a goblin.  It is believed that Veera Ganapati vanquishes both ignorance and evil.

The Mantra associated with Veera Ganapati is:

वेतालशक्ति शरकार्मुक चर्मखड्ग- खट्वांगमुद्गरगदांकुशनागपाशान् ।
शूलं च कुन्तपरशुध्वजमुद्वहन्तं वीरं गणेशमरुणं सततं स्मरामि ॥

Vethala sakthi sara karmuka chakra gadvanga, mudgara, gadhaam angusa naga pasaan,
Soolam cha kuntha parasu dwajam udvahantham , veeram ganesamarunam sathatham smaraami.


I always meditate on the Veera Ganapati (Valiant) who is armed with Bhetala – the weapon of power, arrow, bow, wheel, sword, club, hammer, mace, hook, nagapasha – serpent noose, spear, plough, and the shining axe.

Shakti Ganapati:

The 5th form of Lord Ganesha is Shakti Ganapti. Shakti Ganapati is the last form representing the primordial element – Space. He is seen seated in the tantric position with 4 hands and embracing Devi Shakti seated on his left knee. His lower right hand is in Abhya Mudra bestowing blessings on his devotees, both the left and right upper hands hold noose and goad and his left lower hand is seen embracing the Devi. The colour of Shakti Ganapati is in orange red hue like that of the sunset sky. The Devi is represented with Green colour. Shakti Ganesha is the protector of the householder, vanquishing evil and brings peace to the house.

The Shakti Ganapati mantra is:

आलिंग्य देवीं हरितां निषण्णं परस्परस्पृष्ट कटीनिवेशम्
संध्यारुणं पाशसृणी वहन्तं भयापहं शक्तिगणेशमीडे

Aalinghya devim harithaam nishannam parasparaslishta katou
Sandhyarunaam pasa sruneem vahantham bhayapaham Shakthi Ganapathi meede.

Dvija/Dwija Ganapati:

Dwija Ganapati or Dvija Ganapathi is the 6th of Lord Ganesha’s 32 forms. Regarded as the Twice Born, Dwija Ganapathi is depicted to be equivalent to Lord Brahma, since he is believed to have undergone the ‘Upanayanam’, a ritual by which the Brahmin’s of young age are taught about Gayatri Mantras and go through the be-threading ceremony to become Vada pandits. He is represented with four heads and four hands holding palm-leaf inscription, a staff, meditation beads, water pot, noose and goad. He is associated with Ashwani nakshatra and is said to bestow devotees with all materialistic gains, name and fame.

The Dvija Ganapati mantra is :

यः पुस्तकाक्षगुणदण्ड कमण्डलुश्री-निर्वर्त्यमान करभूषण मिन्दुवर्णम्
स्तंबेरमानन चतुष्टयशोभमानं नित्यं स्मरेत् ध्वजगणाधिपतिं धन्यः

Ya pusthakaksha guna dhanda kamandalu sreenirvruthyamana kara bhooshana mindu varnam,
Sthambera manana chathushtaya shobhamanam thwaam samsmare dwija ganathipathe dhanya.


‘Ganapati the Twice-Born. He has four heads and four arms. He is white in colour. His hands hold the rosary, the washing pot ( kamandalu ), the walking-stick of an ascetic or the ritual spoon ( sruk ) and the manuscript on palm-leaves ( pustaka ).’

Salutations to Ganapati, who is seen embracing his wife, Shakti. He is red in colour. He has four arms. His low right hand shows the movement of lack of fear (abhaya); the two others wear the elephant goad and the noose; the last hand, who holds a lemon, embraces the goddess. With the top of his trunk, Shakti Ganapati holds a cake.


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