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  1. neeta khemka

    It is the highest knowledge available on this planet. A dialogue between King Janak and Ashtavakra. A must watch video commentary by Sri Sri.


    Ashtavakra is not being read by many in fact not populary known amongst simple people SRI SRI made this available to make one strong and gain confidence to lead life with contentment ,those were the days it was made available to chosen few by SRI SRI too,out of compassion now it is made available to many in fact to all grab this and bathe in it and derive the ultimate joy of life

  3. Praveen

    Roughly put, the Global ecological footprint is a terminology used to estimate the amount of natural resources that are being consumed by a human being, and if every other person continues to lead a similar lifestyle, the amount of resources that would be needed to sustain that lifestyle. e.g. if your global ecological footprint is 8, it means that if every citizen starts living your way, we would need 8 EARTHS to satisfy the demands of all the people put together. I could be wrong but please pardon my limited understanding. More info is available online. Jai Gurudev!

  4. shambhunath panda

    Om, jay gurudeb I have need a job pls help me , help me to get minimum to minimum on for me and my family – my 05+ years old daughter she is going to start KG school, my 75+ years old father is very ill, we live in Barackpur near kolkata,

  5. Dan Shaw

    Please help me understand. I have been meditating practice Vedant philosophy for a few years. I am still getting confused with terminologies. In the Ashtavakra gita, Sri Sri uses two words, Mun and Atma in the same sentence. I thought mun was mind in English and atma the soul. On page 67 of the Hindi book, 3rd line from the bottom: “Sharir bati ke samaan, evum mun athva atma, jyoti ke samaan.” Am i understanding correctly that Si Sri is saying that the mun (mind) or atma, are like the light.” Are these interchangeable? I dont think so.


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