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  1. It is the highest knowledge available on this planet. A dialogue between King Janak and Ashtavakra. A must watch video commentary by Sri Sri.

  2. Ashtavakra is not being read by many in fact not populary known amongst simple people SRI SRI made this available to make one strong and gain confidence to lead life with contentment ,those were the days it was made available to chosen few by SRI SRI too,out of compassion now it is made available to many in fact to all grab this and bathe in it and derive the ultimate joy of life

  3. Roughly put, the Global ecological footprint is a terminology used to estimate the amount of natural resources that are being consumed by a human being, and if every other person continues to lead a similar lifestyle, the amount of resources that would be needed to sustain that lifestyle. e.g. if your global ecological footprint is 8, it means that if every citizen starts living your way, we would need 8 EARTHS to satisfy the demands of all the people put together. I could be wrong but please pardon my limited understanding. More info is available online. Jai Gurudev!

  4. Om, jay gurudeb I have need a job pls help me , help me to get minimum to minimum on for me and my family – my 05+ years old daughter she is going to start KG school, my 75+ years old father is very ill, we live in Barackpur near kolkata,

  5. Please help me understand. I have been meditating practice Vedant philosophy for a few years. I am still getting confused with terminologies. In the Ashtavakra gita, Sri Sri uses two words, Mun and Atma in the same sentence. I thought mun was mind in English and atma the soul. On page 67 of the Hindi book, 3rd line from the bottom: “Sharir bati ke samaan, evum mun athva atma, jyoti ke samaan.” Am i understanding correctly that Si Sri is saying that the mun (mind) or atma, are like the light.” Are these interchangeable? I dont think so.

  6. Today’s enlightened saints of kalyug don’t seem to keep controversy away. Like in the case in hand of Sri Sri Ravishankar and Art of living organisation.
    My own opinion in this matter is that Sri Sri needs to inspect very deeply as to where he is headed. His focus now as per the video here on his Facebook page is to bring politicians, industrialists and big businessmen into the fold of AOL. He is losing his vision and people supporting him are just going to help him go totally blind faster.
    These so called charitable organisations in our country have assets worth lakhs of crores. Further there are thousands of temples throughout the country whose assets in total worth lakhs of crores. Then the third are pseudo-businessmen in Safron and white who run FMCG business and their total output too in the country is another lakh crore.
    Whichever way I see it these lakhs of crores with these entities is public money and thus must only be used for benefit of the public at large, upliftment of the downtrodden and protection of the environment. And the function held by AOL on Yamuna bank costing many crores did none of the above three things as the crowd gathered on the day of the event were neither the poor or the downtrodden. On the contrary it caused irreparable harm to the fragile ecosystem of the Yamuna river and its bank.
    Recently there is a trend of these baba log landing up in jail. The higher they rise and the more money they make. The closer they get to the jail. It’s the way of the almighty making them realise than they need to go in isolation and reseek themselves. They have just gotten greedier over the years and I agree with this wonderful plan of the almighty.
    Sri Sri is very near this fate because he grossly and blatantly violated the law and he can even go to jail for 5 years if convicted under Section 15 of the Environment Protection Act, 1986. His flimsy defence that there was no harm and his rights to natural justice stands violated hold no water for the following reasons and law on the point-
    1. In our Constitution under the Articles dealing with directive principals of state policy and Fundamental Duties it is the Duty of the State and every individual to protect the Environment.
    2. Even though power to make laws wrt to Rivers can be found to be vested with both the State and the Union. The Union law supercedes the State law as the power of the States to legislate has been made subject to Entry 56 of the Union list of the Seventh Schedule of the constitution, which reads as under-
    “56. Regulation and development of inter-State rivers and river valleys to the extent to which such regulation and development under the control of the Union is declared by Parliament by law to be expedient in the public interest. ”
    The parliament has enacted the following laws wrt “regulation” of rivers and protection of its environment-
    River Boards Act 1956- Under Section 13 of this Act it is the duty of the board constituted under the Act to “(a) advising the Governments interested on any matter concerning the regulation or development of any specified inter-State river or river valley within its area of operation and in particular, advising them in relation to the co-ordination of their activities with a view to resolve conflicts among them and to achieve maximum results in respect of the measures undertaken by them in the inter-State river or river valley for the purpose of—
    i) conservation, control and optimum utilisation of water resources of the inter-State river;
    (ii) promotion and operation of schemes for irrigation, water supply or drainage;
(iii) promotion and operation of schemes for the development of hydro-electric power;
(iv) promotion and operation of schemes for flood control;
    (v) promotion and control of navigation;
(vi) promotion of afforestation and control of soil erosion;
(vii) prevention of pollution of the waters of the inter-State river;
    (viii) such other matters as may be prescribed; ”

    Section 2 (j) of the Act reads as under-
    “stream” includes-
    (i)  river; 
(ii)  water course (whether flowing or for the time being dry); 
(iii)  inland water (whether natural or artificial); 
(iv)  sub-terranean waters; 
(v)  sea or tidal waters to such extent or, as the case may be, to such point as 
the State Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, 
specify in this behalf;

    Environment Protection Act, 1986-
    Section 15 of this acts reads as under-
    “15 Penalty for contravention of the provisions of the Act and the rules, orders and directions. —
    (1) Whoever fails to comply with or contravenes any of the provisions of this Act, or the rules made or orders or directions issued thereunder, shall, in respect of each such failure or contravention, be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to five years or with fine which may extend to one lakh rupees, or with both, and in case the failure or contravention continues, with additional fine which may extend to five thousand rupees for every day during which such failure or contravention continues after the conviction for the first such failure or contravention.
    (2) If the failure or contravention referred to in sub-section (1) continues beyond a period of one year after the date of conviction, the offender shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to seven years.”

    The NGT is the body created by the Central Government charged with the adjudication and enforcement of these and other Environment Protection Laws. It’s powers are nearly same as the Supreme Court of India. An appeal against its orders can only be made to the Supreme Court.
    The AOL and Sri Sri can be punished and sent to jail because they had no permission of the NGT for holding the event. A bare reading of the Section 15 of the EP Act 1986 shows that even failure to follow the directions of the Central Govt and any of its bodies charged with Environmental Protection is a punishable offence.

    (3) AOL says it had permission from the State Government of Delhi for holding the event. However, undisputedly they were not given any permission for this event by the NGT, which is a Central Govt body whose permission is mandatory under law. Further, AOL says that it applied to the NGT seeking the permission. However, the NGT passed no orders on their application, either accepting or rejecting the same.
    At this point of time what course was open for the AOL and what another law citizen could, would and should have done. They could have asked the NGT to adjudicate on the application or they could have moved the Supreme Court which could have asked the NGT to adjudicate their application within a specified period of time. AOL didn’t do any of this and they blatantly went ahead and held the event against the law and without the permission of the NGT.

    4. A River and its banks fall in the category of a Fragile Ecosystem. Their ecosystem i.e the present course of its waters, the plants and vegetations on its banks and the topography of its bank took hundreds of years to form. The event of the AOL destroyed all of the above and has caused irreparable harm to this ecosystem. What they did cannot be undone in the years to come and thus they are liable to fined in hundreds of crores so as to repair this harm as much as possible and deter future violation of the law of the land by anyone else.
    5. Event held by the AOL will impact and change the course of Yamuna river at the time of flood. Several hectares and km length of the Yamuna bank was levelled by the AOL organisation for their event. If one has ever visited the bank of some river. You will see that the whole area is up and down. And the river takes a predictable path every year in rainy season when it breaches its bank. But now due to levelling of these naturally formed embankments and shallow land by the AOL, the path of the Yamuna will become unpredictable and it may take a new course during the time of flood endangering life and property of people living in vicinity of the river.
    6. AOL has illegally compacted and levelled the bank of the river and has polluted the bank by use of construction debris for levelling. If one has ever walked by the bank of the river you will find that it’s not easy to walk through as the sand is loose and feet get stuck in it if one attempts to do so. This loose sand serves a purpose of absorbing the rain and flood waters. But the AOL compacted and levelled this sand making it a “plain”, “level” and “compacted” surface. Earlier it was like a long jump pit which is filled with loose sand to ease the blow but now that whole area is like a level field suitable for playing any kind of ball sport.
    7. AOL has made the river bank susceptible to soil erosion by cutting the plants, trees and other natural acquatic greenery on the bank. These plants and trees protect the river bank from the threat of constant soil erosion by the river. But to the AOL and Sri Sri they were just weed.
    8. AOL illegally used heavy machinery for levelling and compaction of the sand for facilitating illegal vehicular and movement of lakhs of attendees on the bank. If you ever happen to dig by the river bank you will find water just after digging a few feet (5-10). This happens because the river water has eroded the bank from the below. Thus the river bank is very fragile but inspite of this constant erosion by the river from below it takes many hundred of years before the river bank collapses. As the sand is just a few feet and as its also very light and is loose, it takes many years for this event of collapse to happen. But the compaction of the sand done by the AOL and heavy vehicular/people movement on the bank on the day of the event has made the bank susceptible to an early collapse.
    We all can either add another layer of falsehood before the eyes of Sri Sri or remove one such layer by bringing the full and complete facts to light. I have removed one such layer from my own eyes in this whole progress and come to realise the threat faced by our rivers and their ecosystem. May the truth prevail and Sri Sri and the rich stop dancing in their own stupor of enlightenment while the common man suffers and the rivers cry and the nature bleeds.

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