A woman’s life is a music of many leaves. I have always loved being a woman. The word woman also contains man. Have you ever thought of it? Even I had not, till this moment. Wo  Man. Yes, we have the traits of both genders, perfectly balanced and utilized as the situation demands. Sthree shakti  has no measure to gauge. As Sri Sri says, all the important portfolios in God ‘s kingdom are given to women. Finance to goddess Lakshmi, education to Saraswathi and defence to Durga. Despite their powerful positions, the three goddesses exude gentleness, poise and beauty.

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A dialogue between Lord Shiva and Parvati after she takes Durga avatar and kills the demon Mahishasura comes to my mind. Mahishasura, a bane to the mankind is ordered to be slain by Devi Parvati  by none other than her husband, lord shiva. Parvati becomes pale at this assignment. Shiva asks why the otherwise cheerful Devi is dull and quiet. She shares her dilemma with her lord. “on one hand you order me to slay Mahishasura and on the other hand, the demon’ s wife, my staunch devotee , is praying to me to save her husband’s life. How do I decide what is the right thing to do?”

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Lord Shiva replied, “When there is a conflict between a situation and your emotions, you should always do what is ordained by dharma. The demon is a bane to the world. For the welfare of the world, you have to disregard your devotee’s prayers. That is your dharma” .Hearing this, Parvati relaxed completely. The next day she donned a fierce Durga avatar and takeing a lion as her vehicle, slayed demon Mahishasura with total conviction.

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After fulfilling her lord’ s bidding, Parvati entered her husband’ s premises with soft steps and an innocent smile! She catches Shiva staring at her with amusement and wonder. “what makes you stare at me like this my Lord? ” she asks  playfully. Shiva says “I can’t believe it Parvati. Just a while ago, you were fierce and dreadful and now you are feminine incarnated with no traces of fierceness. I am amazed!” .

Such is the power of a woman. In one of His talks, Sri Sri says, ” a woman should rebel against injustice. She should not take any nonsense lying down.At the same time , she should retain her delicate feminine qualities.”

Every woman has the inherent sense of the perfect balance between strength and fragility in their nature. That is what makes her beautiful inside out. That is what makes her a true woman of substance. That is what makes her evolve to perfection. Bring harmony into being.

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  1. ddamayanti prasaddamayanti prasad

    jai gurudev
    Nari dharati ki tarah shahanshil hai. To Durga ki tarah Shakti rupini bhi hai. uski sunderta isi main hai.


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