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Do you remember the comfort you felt as your mum rocked you to sleep?
Your exuberance at seeing a rainbow?
The thrill of playing a prank on your brother?
The class room tales which you could only share with your best friend, as you both sat in the last bench, huddled over a History text book.

As you shared stolen glances with someone you loved. Perhaps a skip of a heart beat too.
How you debuted on the world stage – as a student, corporate executive, CEO, homemaker, artist, pianist, mother…

You grew up … you became responsible, take decisions on a daily basis – even if it is just about deciding the menu tonight! Imaginist, realist, idealist… colouring the world with emotions, care …making it warmer…

You affect and effect people – every time you step out of bed; could be your dog, the friendly vegetable vendor you remember to gift; the flower lady who relies on your generous supplies of newspapers; your family whose every need you try to fulfill; your colleagues at work – whom you support; your friends ….

Everywhere you go … you plant a seed for growth.

Even as we don many hats and play many roles, there is a force which works through us – a power that nurtures life. “I have always believed that a woman is the heart of the family – she keeps everyone together. A woman is the heart of society – when you empower women to succeed, you are enabling society to prosper.”- Bhanumathi Narasimhan, Chairperson, International Women’s Conference.

Art of Living Interntional Womens Conference

As we drive towards creating a more harmonious environment around us, we, from the International Women’ s Conference, would like to pay salutations to us on the International Women’s Day. To our power to sustain and enrich life.

The International Women’s Conference (IWC)  has been striving, since 2005, to empower women to discover their innate spark.  As we continue our journey together, we pray that each one of us goes deeper within. As we draw on our sweet fountain of strength and compassion, we will continue to make the world a sweeter place.

~ Resha Desai from Team IWC

(If you’d like to get in touch with us, or know more about the upcoming conference in 2014, or simply would like to say hello, do reach out – Our inboxes, like our hearts, are open.)



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