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A woman’ s life is a music of many leaves. Each leaf is a different period in her life and only she knows how to play the notes. Adapting to changing situations and needs brings harmony .

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My daughter Pooja worked hard to get double Masters degree from a reputed American university and went on to get well-placed positions in New York and California. Meanwhile, she got married and had a baby boy. One day at 2 am I got a call from her. Surprised at the time of the call, I asked what was up. Her voice shook as she blurted out hesitantly, “Mummy, I have decided to quit my job.” Period. She waited for my response. I am sure she was biting her nails! I said with joy, ” You have given me the best news today.”

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She could hardly believe her ears. “What! I thought you would be mad at me. I thought you would yell at me telling, ‘did we give you all the education to see this day? How could you even think of quitting a cushy job, that too at a time when America is going through recession?’…. but mummy, you are so cool.”

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I explained to her that education was meant to give culture to an individual, not just earning power. Education also gives the confidence that if need to be, one can be financially independent. But earning money or climbing the ladder of corporate success is certainly not the aim of education, specially for a woman. She should always be in readiness to change her role as the situation demands. In your case, I told her, nurturing your baby son takes precedence over other things, so you have taken the right decision. I am so proud of you, and we concluded the conversation. We both went back to our snooze happily.

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The transition from a corporate woman to a housewife seems to be so smooth for her that I could dismiss my initial apprehensions with ease. Watching her tending to her son to facilitate all round development makes me swell with pride.

In a land of ‘ instant’ and ‘junk’ food, she cooks fresh food using organically grown ingredients taking care that 5 types of vegetables are consumed each day by her family. I can’t help remember the time she just picked up a pizza on her way back home! What a transition!

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A born nurturer like all women, she extends her tender care to underprivileged children by running an NGO with a team of like minded people. “Llife could not have been better” she gushes enjoying the moments as they present at this particular period in her life Happy pooja as full-time mom

Fully aware of changes to come as her son grows up, she is ready to embark on a new phase at the right time. I nod in approval,” Yes, there is a time to hold on and there is a time to let go.” Harmony and evolution happen when we women live all our virtues with a timely sense of wisdom.

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  1. Wonderful, Perfect daughter for a perfect mother. Pushpa did the same. She quit her job to take care of children when my daughter started going to school.

  2. I mean this,instead of proving in commercial world even if she make good family rather than competing unnecessarily with men. That is a natural instinct of women

  3. Incredible write up! I took pretty much the same kind of decision when my little son started going to pre-nursery school. From a corporate woman to the home tutor for spoken English just so that I can be there for him when he came home. Those precious moments we both lived are engraved on our memories. After all these years, I’ve regained my corporate identity by being the director of my own company. Today’s women do know to harmonise the best of both worlds.

  4. Thx friends. I know many can identify themselves with the story. Kudos to all unsung mothers. I am one among them too who quit a cushy job on the spur because 11 year old pooja had fever and was alone at home! People said I was mad but I knew what I was doing.

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