How Guru made me his own

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In search of Purpose of Life: I had chosen the path of service immediately after I completed my graduation at homeopathic college, Mumbai in 1993. My graduation in Homeopathy and opportunity to work with Dr Rajan Sankaran, world renowned homeopath created a strong foundation for understanding health in terms of mind-body-soul state, the holistic way…. Read more »

Meditation prevents suicide

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It’s time meditation be made a vital element of our social support system. It can drastically bring down suicide rates. Every year, millions around the world try to kill themselves; and nearly half a million to one succeed! That is a devastating statistic for a time that is hailed as one of opportunities and growth…. Read more »

Hangout on 26 Jan 2013

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Those were the bohemian days. Bindaas 5 years of (pre-university & under-grad) college โ€“ spent without an iota of pressure or studies ๐Ÿ˜‰ Being rebellious was very much in. And so was Sri Sri (but it took a while to realize that!) Having studied in a โ€œliberalโ€, โ€œhepโ€, one of the best colleges in Bangalore… Read more »