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“The more you give and the more you get. Then Life will become a sheer dance of love” This quote of Sri Sri Ravishankar resonates in my heart because the more I keep sharing, the more I receive, in multifold; directly or indirectly; as either an opportunity to serve more or getting my wishes granted by Divine!

One such opportunity where I contribute as well benefit is “The Global Yogathon Challenge”.

I thoroughly enjoyed each and every moment of the last Yogathon challenge. It not only helped my body but also my mind; and thus began a new practice of doing Surya Namaskar / Sun Salutations daily. This year too I am looking forward to participate in this event.


This unique event called Yogathon; which has grown globally since its inception in 2012; will unite around 46 cities, 10 countries across the globe on the same date i.e. Aug 16th – in support of children’s education in India. All the proceeds support Care for Children, an initiative of the Art of Living Foundation that helps educate children in India’s more underprivileged communities.


Isn’t it a cool idea to Rise for a cause and connect with your Inner yogi at the same time? All you will need that day is a Yoga mat and a benevolent spirit, to join me and many like me to participate in execution of a challenge of completion of 108 Sun Salutations.

Rise to educate and Register at

See you on August 16

Mohit Lathi



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